The Two Foot Fluke!

Fluke Fishing 001I was so excited today when my dad said that we can go fishing on our boat. When we got out on the water the fresh air was delightful. It felt so good to get back out on the water after a snowy, cold and long winter. We were out on the water for at least four hours and we only caught five Sea Robbins. So my dad decided to change spots. I gave my dad a suggestion to try closer to the shore. I was right!  After five minutes I caught a twenty and a half inch Fluke. I was so disappointed that it was half an inch short because Fluke have to be twenty one inches long to keep, but I didn’t give up. Then, I caught a twenty four inch fluke! I was so excited! I had a good dinner that night! Another successful day of fishing!

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My History on Fishing

Lets go back to the beginning…….

My first fishing trip was on a charter boat on the South Shore of Long Island, New York.  My mom was taking some of her accounts fishing, and invited me to come along.  I was 4 years old at the time.  Since I am now 11, this was 7 years ago, almost half my life ago!

We kept catching one fish after another, after another.  The fish were all over the place jumping.  Talking about jumping fish at camp today…fish were jumping all over the place, now back to the story….The biggest one on the charter boat was probably about 3.5 feet long.  When we got home I said to my mom “when is the next time we are going fishing?”  and she said “I do not know”.  So then I kept begging my dad to buy a boat so we can go fishing whenever we wanted.  We kept looking for boats and finally found the perfect one. 

It is a 17 footer and the type of it is a trophy.  We now go fishing on it every weekend since I was six, and it has become my passion.  It is the only thing I want to do and the only thing I think of.  It makes me spend a lot of time with my dad, and I love being with him.

So now you know about me, and please keep reading about my experience fishing after I go out on the boat with my dad.

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One And a Half BIG FAT Blackfish

1 FAT Blackfish

1 FAT Blackfish

Dad and I took out the boat this evening just before sunset.  When we finally found the fishing spot at Cranes Neck there was no one around us. We dropped the anker and set our lines to the bottom. On one side of the boat you can tell there was a big rock and by that big rock we kept getting bites. First I caught an 11 inch blackfish but in was an inch to small because blackfish have to be 12 inches to keep. Than my dad caught a 14 inch blackfish so it was big enough to keep. We took the hook out of it’s mouth and put him in the cooler. 15 minutes later my dad was having a nibble… BZZZZZZZ we had the giant one so I got the net ready but he swam to the top and broke the line. But we did get to see the size of the fish and he was a good 15 pounds. Another successful day of fishing.

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1 Fat Fluke

1 Fat Fluke

My Dad took me and my brother out on our boat again in the Long Island Sound. It was rough out there. Our boat started making a beeping noise and my Dad thought it was the fish finder. But, it wasn’t. So he looked to see if he was low on oil, and he was. Luckily, he always keeps extra supplies on the boat in case of an emergency. So he put the oil in and we were on our way to a fishing spot. On the first drift, we caught 1 sea robin, so we let it go because it’s not a good eating fish. On the second drift, we caught 2 keeper  fluke. After that the fish weren’t biting as much so we rode around for a while and then headed back in.  Another successful day of fishing.
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10 Blue Fish
9 Blue Fish

It was one summer rainy day and my Uncle came over. We were going to go snapper fishing, but my Uncle talked my Dad into going out on our boat on Long Island Sound. At first my Dad saw a couple of birds so he decided to head over to the spot, but then I saw at least 200 birds flying over the water so my Dad said “lets head over there”. Blue fish were jumping all over the place, going after all the bait fish. My Uncle used a diamond jig and he caught 4 blue fish. Me, my Dad and my brother were using bunker. We caught one blue fish with the bunker. The blue fish stopped biting the diamond jig so my Uncle switched to a popper. He then caught one blue fish with the popper, but it wa now dark out so we headed back to the dock. When my Dad was fileting the blue fish, he found string and a hook in one of the blue fish mouth. He must have gotten away from another fisherman. All in all, it was a very successful fishing trip.

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